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Fishing Rules

All Game Fish
Catch-and-release except daily limit 2 hatchery STEELHEAD.
Jun 02 thru Mar 31
Min. size 12". Daily limit 6. Up to 4 adults may be retained. Release wild CHINOOK.
Aug 01 thru Jan 31
From the mouth (City of South Bend boat launch) to second bridge on Camp One Rd., anglersmay fish with two poles with Two-Pole Endorsement.
Aug 01 thru Jan 31
Fishing from any floating device prohibited from second bridge on CampOne Rd. upstream to mouth of Mill Creek approximately 0.5 miles; night closure; single-point barbless hooksrequired; and stationary gear restriction, except stationary gear restriction not in effect from mouth to WDFWaccess at mouth of Ward Creek/Wilson Creek.
Aug 01 thru Nov 30
Water Quality

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Additional Information


From mouth (City of South Bend boat launch) to Hwy. 6 Bridge (approximately 2 miles below mouth of Trap Creek) (424).

Mandatory Hatchery Steelhead Retention (p. 14).

Boat Launch:
Two Poles Allowed:
Kids Only:
County: Pacific State: WA Country: United States

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