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White sturgeon
See full description for complete rules. End date will be changed in the future by WDFW.
Jun 15 thru Dec 31


Additional Information


Sport sturgeon retention season set in Bonneville and Dalles Pools

Action: Allow retention of white sturgeon for one day within the following slot limits:
(1) Bonneville Pool: between 38-inches and 54-inches fork length.
(2) The Dalles Pool: between 43-inches and 54-inches fork length.

Effective dates: Friday June 15, 2018
Species affected: White sturgeon
Locations: Fishing will be open in the Columbia River within the Bonneville Pool, The Dalles Pool, and adjacent tributaries, except within the spawning sanctuary closure areas:
(1) Bonneville Pool: From The Dalles Dam downstream 1.8 miles to a line from the east (upstream) dock at the Port of The Dalles boat ramp straight across to a marker on the Washington shore.
(2) The Dalles Pool: From John Day Dam downstream 2.4 miles to a line crossing the Columbia at a right angle to the thread of the river from the west end of the grain silo at Rufus, Oregon.
Reason for action: There are sturgeon available for harvest within the established guidelines for both reservoirs.
Other information: Catch-and-release will continue to be allowed, except in the spawning sanctuary closure areas.
Daily white sturgeon limit: One fish.
Annual white sturgeon limit: Two fish.

Boat Launch:
Two Poles Allowed:
Kids Only:
County: Klickitat State: WA Country: United States

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