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Fishing Rules

Min. size 12". Daily limit 6. Up to 2 adults may be retained. Release wild CHINOOK.
Jun 01 thru Jul 31
Other Game Fish
Statewide min. size/daily limit.
Jun 01 thru Nov 30
Min. size 12". Daily limit 3, of which only 2 may be TROUT other than hatchery STEELHEAD.
Jun 01 thru Nov 30
Min. size 12". Daily limit 6. Up to 3 adults of which only 2 may be COHO.
Aug 01 thru Nov 30
No min. size. Daily limit 15 WHITEFISH only. Whitefish gear rules.
Dec 01 thru Mar 31
Water Quality

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Additional Information


From 400' upstream from #5 fishway to boundary markers above Klickitat Salmon Hatchery (608).

Col. R. Salmon/Steelhead Endorsement (p. 14).
Barbless hooks required for Salmon/Steelhead (p. 14).

Mandatory Hatchery Steelhead Retention (p. 14).

Retention of adult spring chinook to close on the Klickitat River

Action: It is unlawful to retain hatchery adult chinook from the Klickitat River.
Effective date: June 16 through July 31, 2018.
Species affected: Spring chinook.
Location: From the mouth (Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge) to the boundary markers below Klickitat Salmon Hatchery.
Reason for action: The number of hatchery-origin spring chinook that have returned to the Klickitat Salmon Hatchery is far behind the 500 fish needed to meet the hatchery escapement goal. As of June 11, only 44 adults had returned to the hatchery. Closing the river to adult chinook retention will increase the number of hatchery fish available for broodstock and help ensure future hatchery returns. WDFW will continue working with co-managers to monitor the progress of broodstock collection and reopen the fishery if returns indicate that hatchery goals will be met.
Additional information: The Klickitat River remains open from the mouth to the boundary markers below the hatchery for retention of hatchery jack chinook; daily limit 6. Anglers may also retain up to 3 hatchery steelhead per day from the mouth upstream to the Yakama reservation boundary.

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Two Poles Allowed:
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County: Klickitat State: WA Country: United States

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