Grays River Back to Washington

Fishing Rules

All CHINOOK must be adipose and/or ventral fin clipped to be retained.
Jan 01 thru Dec 31
Min. size 12". Daily limit 6. Up to 2 may be adults. Only hatchery CHINOOK and hatchery COHO may be retained.
Jun 02 thru Dec 31
Other Game Fish
Catch-and-release except no min. size/daily limit for BASS, CHANNEL CATFISH, and WALLEYE.
Jun 02 thru Mar 15
Catch-and-release except daily limit 3 hatchery STEELHEAD.
Jun 02 thru Mar 15
Night closure, anti-snagging rule, and stationary gear restriction. When the anti-snagging rule is in effect, only fish hooked inside the mouth may be retained.
Aug 01 thru Nov 15


Additional Information


From mouth to Hwy. 4 Bridge (594).

Col. R. Salmon/Steelhead Endorsement (p. 14).

Barbless hooks required for Salmon/Steelhead (p. 14).

Mandatory Hatchery Steelhead Retention (p. 14).

Boat Launch:
Two Poles Allowed:
Kids Only:
County: Wahkiakum State: WA Country: United States

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