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Fishing Rules

Daily limit 2 hatchery STEELHEAD.
Jan 01 thru Mar 31
No min. size. No daily limit.
May 16 thru Mar 31
Location: Megler-Astoria Bridge upstream to Bonneville Dam Up to 2 hatchery steelhead may be retained. Release all sockeye. Fishing at night is permitted in Washington waters. Release all adult chinook June 16 through June 21.
Jun 16 thru Jun 30
Min. size 12". Daily limit 6. Up to 2 may be adult SALMON or 1 adult SALMON and 1 hatchery STEELHEAD. Release all SALMON other than hatchery CHINOOK and SOCKEYE.
Jun 16 thru Jul 31
Min. size 12". Daily limit 6. Up to 2 may be adult SALMON or 1 adult SALMON and 1 hatchery STEELHEAD. Release all SALMON other than CHINOOK and hatchery COHO. Aug. 1-Aug. 31: release STEELHEAD.
Aug 01 thru Jul 31
CLOSED to fishing for SALMON and STEELHEAD from Beacon Rock to Bonneville Dam.
Nov 01 thru Dec 31
Catch-and-release. CLOSED to fishing for STURGEON from Bonneville Dam downstream 9 miles to a line crossing the Columbia from Navigation Marker 82 on the Oregon shore westerly to the boundary marker on the Washington shore upstream of Fir Point. STURGEON fishing is CLOSED on the Washington mainland shore from Bonneville Dam downstream to a boundary marker about 4,000' downstream from the fish ladder at the new Bonneville Dam Powerhouse south to the downstream end of Cascade Island and across to the Oregon angling boundary on Bradford Island (about 850' downstream from fish ladder). From Bonneville Dam to a line from the Hamilton Island boat ramp to an Oregon boundary marker on Robins Island: 1) it is unlawful to fish for STURGEON except with hand-casted lines from shore; 2) it is also unlawful to use a floating device to set lines for STURGEON.
Other Game Fish
Statewide min. size/daily limit except no min. size/daily limit for BASS, CHANNEL CATFISH, and WALLEYE.
Water Quality

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Additional Information


From I-5 Bridge to closed waters around Bonneville Dam (525).

Col. R. Salmon/Steelhead Endorsement (p. 14).
Barbless hooks required for Salmon/Steelhead (p. 14).

* June 16-July 31: night closure from upstream of the Megler-Astoria Bridge
* Aug. 1-Dec. 31: from Buoy 10 upstream except for anglers enrolled in the Pikeminnow Reward Program and targeting pikeminnow.
TROUT Release all TROUT except hatchery STEELHEAD (see below).

Columbia River sockeye and summer chinook fisheries

Action: Open sockeye fishery and close summer chinook from Megler-Astoria Bridge upstream to Bonneville Dam.
Effective date: Effective July 1 through July 31, 2018.
Species affected: Sockeye and summer chinook.
Location: Megler-Astoria Bridge upstream to Bonneville Dam.
Additional information: Daily limit 6, up to 2 adult sockeye or hatchery steelhead or 1 of each may be retained. Release all salmon other than hatchery jack chinook, sockeye. Salmon minimum size is 12 inches.
Reason for action: This action provides recreational angling opportunity based a runsize upgrade of sockeye passage at Bonneville Dam. Summer chinook is tracking below the pre-season forecast, and as a result much of the allocation sharing will likely shift upstream to above Priest Rapids Dam, thus retention below Bonneville Dam is closed.

Boat Launch:
Two Poles Allowed:
Kids Only:
County: Clatsop State: WA Country: United States

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