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Fishing Rules

No size restriction. Daily limit 16.
Landlocked SALMON rules apply.
Other Game Fish
Statewide min. size/daily limit.
No min. size. Daily limit 6. No more than 2 with intact adipose fins.
Statewide min. size/daily limit. Unlawful to fish for CARP with bow and arrow.
No min. size. Daily limit 5. Adipose fin-clipped TROUT only. KOKANEE not included in TROUT daily limit.
Daily limit 1 sturgeon. Annual limit 2 sturgeon. It is legal to retain sturgeon between 53 inches and 63 inches fork length. Fork length is measured from the tip of the snout to middle of the fork in the caudal fin (tail). All harvested sturgeon must be recorded on a Catch Record Card (Catch Code 549). Two-pole fishing is allowed. Closed to night fishing. All other statewide rules for white sturgeon must be observed. Anglers are asked to voluntarily use heavy gear (50-pound test mainline and leader, at a minimum) and use 14/0 hooks or smaller (approximately 2 inches or less from point to shank) to avoid catching or injuring large, wild adult sturgeon. The request to use heavier gear will ensure anglers hook and land sturgeon effectively, but also is protective of large, wild adult brood sturgeon that, if hooked, should be played to hand quickly and released without being removed from the water.
Jun 15 thru Dec 31


Additional Information


ROOSEVELT LAKE (Columbia River from Grand Coulee Dam to Little Dalles power line crossing including Hawk Creek downstream of the falls at the Hawk Creek Campground, the Spokane arm downstream of SR 25 Bridge, and Kettle arm downstream of Barstow
• see also: Hawk Creek, Kettle River, Spokane River, and Roosevelt Lake tributaries
• for San Poil Arm of Lake Roosevelt, see San Poil River, page 67
• see DOH Fish Consumption Advisories, page 16

CLOSED WATERS - Apr. 1-Friday before Memorial Day: Kettle arm upstream to Barstow Bridge.

Boat Launch:
Two Poles Allowed:
Kids Only:
County: Many State: WA Country: United States

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